[Chester Bennington]:

Like shining oil, this night is dripping down

Stars are slipping down, glistening

And I’m trying not to think what I’m leaving now

No deceiving now, it’s time you let me go

Let me go

I’ll be gone!

I’ll be gone!

[Pusha T]:

King Push

Dope game keep callin'

Dope boys keep fallin'

Askin' me "What's my legacy?"

I just wanna die ballin'

I just wanna die pourin'

I just wanna ride foreign

I just wanna bring hoes together

Lonny, Lisa, meet Lauren (Wooo!)

Then I be gone, keep it movin', what I be on

Damn right I know what time it is

Patek Philippe and the Tourbillion (Yuugh!)

I'm stylin' on 'em, I'm swervin' on 'em

I know it's wrong, but life's a bitch and she turn me on!

[Mike Shinoda]:

Yeah, and to each his own

Hang me some that reefer dome

Is the way I flip when the beat come on

I gonna pop that shit 'til your speakers blown

And y'all wanna cop a plea

Who you gon' talk to? Not to me

Because the chain of command work properly

You gotta earn a few stripes 'til you talk to me

Word to Pusha, word to Vice

Built a track once and killed it twice

Built a stage up and killed the lights

Opening act was like "Fuck my life"

Y'all can love it, ain’t nothing wrong

Forget the hatin' that y'all be on

Enjoy it now because after long

Keyser Soze, I'll be gone

Chester Bennington:

I’ll be gone!

I’ll be gone!

When the lights go out and we open our eyes

Out there in the silence, I’ll be gone

I’ll be gone

Let the sun fade out and another one rise

Climbing through tomorrow, I’ll be gone

I’ll be gone

When the lights go out and we open our eyes

Out there in the silence, I’ll be gone

I’ll be gone

I’ll be gone!

I’ll be gone!

I’ll be gone!

Linkin Park, Pusha T - I'll Be Gone - lyrics

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