Your dirty sweat

My sweetest potion

Your armpit swampy

Little oceans

Your flabby butthole

A soggy cave

I put in my parts

And let them bathe

Call me freaky, call me sick

I like it sticky, I like it big (Fat!)

I hate it skinny, I hate it flat

I don't need mini, I like it fat

People laughing about your size

We can fuck them on your French fries

When I break open your king size bra

Your giant boobs are just wunderbar!

Call me freaky, call me sick(Fat!)

I like it sticky, I like it big

I hate it skinny, I hate it flat (Fat!)

I don’t need mini, I like it fat

Every night, I have this dream

I’m sliding down, a slippy stream

Straight in your mouth, the smack is strong

I eat your lips, your furry tongue

You call me freaky, you call me sick (Fat!)

I like you sticky, I like you big (Fat!)

I hate you skinny, I hate you flat (Fat!)

Don’t need you mini, I like you fat (Fat!)

So call it crazy or call it fate

Just with you I want to get laid

But your holes are hard, so hard to find

It doesn’t matter. I fuck you, fuck you from behind!

Lindemann - Fat - lyrics

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