[Chorus: Big Sean + Jhene Aiko]

When you said it was over - you shot right through my heart

Why you let these hoes tear what we had right apart

Oooh, I was so mad; I should've seen this coming right from the start

You should beware, beware, beware of a woman with a broken heart

[Big Sean]

Praying to a sky all black

Looking at the stars like they finna talk back (woah)

Looking at my phone like she finna call back (woah)

But last night I feel like probably ended all that

Cause by now she woulda sent a text in all caps

Then another one tryna take all back

Saying fuck you, I miss you or I hate you so much

Cause girls only say "hate you" to the guys they love

I know, I know, I know the highs, the lows

it comes and goes; you say "be real" I try, I don't

Cause you take anything and just make it everythang

Kept my phone on silent ever since you got a ring (funny right?)

And I never cheated (I mean, maybe once, twice)

But one time don't change everything

She ask why I don't feel the same, I'm still the same

She's still insane and now she's saying


[Big Sean]

Okay, skeet, smoke, sleep, call

Miss, text, woke, spoke

Lie, feel, Lisa, ewww

Time, kill, months, still

I got somebody baby mama calling me daddy (got me)

I drank too much, please call me a cabby (swerve)

Penthouse after party hoes want that addy (swerve)

Fuck they can ride with us, crawl in a Caddy

Third row is when you call, I hit cancel

Really? I hit answer, fuck I hate when that happens

Phone in my pocket for the whole night

And you heard bitches screamin' til my phone dies

Then she text me like "why you still talk to my mama?"

How the fuck you run around with condoms?

Why you make me get this tattoo? Man, fuck this tattoo

You the reason I wasn't single in college

What, all because I had you? Nigga I don't even have you

How am I suppose to get past you?

And she called the next guy spillin' some real shit

Now they problems he got to deal with


[Lil Wayne]

Girl, don't believe them hoes

Cause they don't wanna see us together

And you already know you're too fly

But baby, don't get your hair caught in the propellers

I be tryna tell her these hoes is jealous

You know they never like it when you never say never

Long hair, red bone, but her pussy is hairless

Muah, I french kiss it like we in Paris

I be screaming out, "ain't no woman like the one I got"

But she be always worryin' about the one I fucked

She said it's gonna be me, myself and I

Damn, that would make me a one-eyed fuck

Schh, I was so mad

Damn, you used to ride a nigga like a moped

Schh, ut players fuck up, my bad

And just to keep from crying, I laughed

Hmm-mmm, Tunechi


[Outro 2X: Jhene Aiko]


Last time calling me baby

Last time calling me crazy

Crazy, crazy

Lil' Wayne, Big Sean - Beware - lyrics

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