Hey there, beautiful man,

I never been alone in my entire life,

With you around it get so easy,

Get so easy, get so easy,

Listen how easy, just... listen how easy,

I can see, I can see.


But nobody can easy understand what i feel about it,

I am keeping hearing voices from the other town,

Ohh yeah that was reason I am feeling down,

Walk on me if you know,

Turn me if you know,

I am seeing in your eyes,

You are too full of lies...

Tell me if you know,

Tell me if you know,

I'll be lost myself on the way,

And i just want you to say.

Oh, this different man off God it was so sweet,


With you around i can feel it i can...


Dear man I am here for you,

Listen listen what i got to say,


Open up my eyes open up my heart,

I'll dedicate myself to make you feel good all the day.


Tell me if you know,

Tell me if you know,

I'll be seeing in your eyes, you are also full of lies,

Tell me if you know,

Tell me if you know,

I'll be lost myself, on the way,

And I just want you to say.

Letty - Tell me if you know - lyrics

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