Sittin' here wide awake

Thinking about when I last saw you

No you're not far away

Close my eyes and I still see you

Lying here next to me

Wearing nothing but a smile

Gotta leave right away

Countin' cracks along the pavement

To see you face to face

Thinkin' about the conversation

I know I'm not one to chase

I've never wanted nothing more

But as I walk up to your door

I'm standing in the dark

She's dancing on the table

I'm looking through the glass

She's someone else's angel

It may sound stupid that I wanted you back

But I, wanted you back, girl

And now I'm standing in the da-ark, da-ark, oh da-ark da-ark ohhhhh

All I wanna do is hide

But I cant stop myself from staring

Wishing his hands were mine

I can't stop myself from caring

And as he turns down the lights

I'm feelin' paralysed

And as he looks into her eyessssssss yeah alright!

Lawson - Standing in the dark - lyrics

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