[Intro: KSI]

Got rocks on my wrist, that shit you can't resist

Cash flow greater than the haters hating on my jizz

Riding in your face, looking like I found a damn genie

Wiling in my Lamborghini

[Hook: KSI]

La-Lamborghini, La-Lamborghini

Bitch, I know you see me in my Lamborghini

La-Lamborghini, La-Lamborghini

Ride so quick, you would think I'm Houdini

[Verse 1: KSI]

Been in the game since Namco

Bring it back, I'm fully gassed, yo

Vroom vroom in my brand new Lambo

Juiced up and I don't give a damn, yo

Going 120, and that's my slowest

On a one-way lane like Lois

Who's that? Superman's bitch

Wanna see what happens when I touch the Superman switch?

Ride with more peers than Morgan

Drive past vloggers that are walking

I toured them, Matt Lees, can you see me?

Wiling in my Lamborghini


[Verse 2: P Money]

I be at home on the Xbox

Lord of the Mics in the background, slewing MCs with dreadlocks

Snap that party, told this girl "come round"

Chick's long-tempered but her head top

She goes hard till my head drops

It's all eyes when we connect

A Playboy bunny from downstairs, upstairs

Sound like a pet shop

Guys wanna hype on man

Poor KSI, I'll put you in a headlock

I've been around since COD 4

Search and Destroy hardcore G3 with a red dot

Haters get treated like a ho

You can tell them suck my dick and get lost

Paparazzi wanna take pics when I'm out with my son

You can all get headshots

This flow's like Formula One

Cause I use the track like DRS

Quickly boosting the PRS

She's going ape when I beat her chest

Bro, it's mad

You can tell Rihanna come see me

Might have to speed dial in that genie

JJ came in the Lamborghini


[Verse 3: KSI]

When my Lambo on the track, won't fall back

When I'm riding at speed, get that neck crack

Blazing on the engine, everybody looking back

Like I'm shooting guns I drive, got them going "fuck that"

Raise the fucking doors, that's that make it look

Like a fucking eagle, like I'm starting war

Dictating with my beagles, speeds ain't even legal

Scaring people, we ain't equal

Danny Glover ain't got shit on my motherfucking lethal weapon

Armageddon sounding when the man arrives

But we hope I come alive like a 5 Alive

On the grind 21 years, smashing up the scene

And I keep on winning like I'm Mr Charlie Sheen

KSI, P Money - Lamborghini - lyrics

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