Kaga sub tan khaiyyo

Mera chun chun khaiyyo maans

Toh naina mat khaiyyo

Mohe piya Milan ki aas

Ni mai Jaana

Jaana Jogi de naal

Ranjha Ranjha kar di ni main

Aape Ranjha hoyi

Ranjha mai wich

Mai ranjhe wich

Hor Khayaal Na Koi

Ni mai Jaana

Ni Mai Jaana Jogi de Naal

Aaj Lok Makkay nu Jandey

Mai Jaana Takht Hajarey

Jith Val Yaara

Uthey val Kaaba

Tu Khol kitaba Chahey

Kailash Kher - Jana Jogi De Naal Ni - lyrics

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