Don't you deport me

Don't you deport me

Oh no no, oh no no

You can't deport me

I am invincible

Fuck this, I'm Justin

Ain't heading north like that

I ain't done nothing to deserve that, uh uh

Your stupid rules don't apply to me

Ah ah ah ah ahhh

This cough syrup's making me dizzy now

That's right i'm above the law

Like Steve Seagal

But hotter

My crime spree, started slow

Got faster

One egging next door

Want some more?

Raided by the feds

They found all my meds

Then I got caught dragging

High on weed and drinking

But I had my dad with me

Dipshit helped me block the streets


It's teenage mentality

Just doing what teenage boys do


Dad forgot to mention




He's 38

Beliebers, beliebe me

I'm innocent

Ha, I just lied to you

And I'm fine with it

Cause I don't understand

A consequence


[President Obama]



Dozen eggs and some sizzurp

[President Obama]

Hello, you just cut in line


I don't wait in lines

Name's Justin

[President Obama]

I know who you are


Are these Takis, I love Takis

Just kidding, what are Takis?

Taki's how you say it, just kidding I love Takis

Just kidding that the heck is that?

[President Obama]

They're small taquitos


Well I would love to taki to you on the phone

About you not deporting me back to Canada

[President Obama]

That is the lamest attempt I ever heard



[President Obama]

But that mustache though


It will be her first time

Oh, yeah, yeah

On JB gross 'stache ride

Feel so damn good

Oh, yeah, yeah

Like a porcupine


You're a dick kid


Oh no, no

I'm just a codeine addict

God i'm faded

Like the time in the plane cabin


Attention Attention

Please stop smoking weed you two

I cannot fly this jet

Need oxygen


Fuck you, my dad said it's cool!

I will keep on dancing

Until we're romancing


Nasty boy

I am pricey

1K to suck my boobies


Is there room for family?

I want to take a picture too


Oh, by the way Justin


What Bitch?


This was a sting!



You're under arrest for the solicitation

Of prostitution

Son of a bitch!


Oh, no, no, Oh, no, no

This is bullshit, let me go

You assholes, I didn't do it!

I need to, try to look

Like i'm innocent


Stop making that stupid face inside my court room

Since this is your first real crime...


Oh yeah, yeah


I think i'll let you slide

[President Obama]

Hold the damn phone!


Oh no, no!

[President Obama]

There's public outcry!


Go home Justin!


Hell no, no


We're tired of your antics


I might be busted

Oh yeah, yeah

But I can still reek havoc

[President Obama]

Deporting this disease

Just won't cut it

Justin needs to get his

Scrawny ass kicked


Oh, no, no Oh, no, no

You can't do this!

[President Obama]

Oh yes yes, Oh yes yes

I just did bitch!

Take his Canadian ass away!

My daughters like One Direction better anyway


Where are you taking me?

I won't throw any more eggs I promise!

Oh shit, Blake Griffin!


I'm gonna slap that ratstache right off your pretty little face!


No please, please Mr. Griffin

Justin Bieber - Confident - Parody - lyrics

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