There isn't any grave

Can hold my body down

There isn't any grave

Can hold my body down

[Verse 1]

When I hear that trumpet sound

I'm going to rise right out of the ground

Isn't any grave

Can hold my body down

Well, look way down the river

And what do you think I see

I see a band of angels

And they're coming after me


[Verse 2]

Well, look down yonder, Gabriel

Put your feet on the land and sea

But Gabriel, don't you blow your trumpet

Until you hear from me


[Verse 3]

Well meet me, Jesus, meet me

Meet me in the middle of the air

And if these wings don't fail me

I will meet you anywhere


[Verse 4]

Well meet me, Mother and Father

Meet me down the river road

And Mama, you know that I'll be there

When I check in my load


Johnny Cash - Ain't No Grave (Gonna Hold This Body Down) - lyrics

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