Ladies and gentleman, welcome to Brasilia,

Football capital of the world, it'll steal ya,

Life for a night whilst you're on the edge of your seat,

Biting your nails waiting for victory or defeat,

And the weak don't even compete, it's the best of the best,

The rest are crying tryna form a protest,

Ibra! I'm talking to you!

but wait, let's get back on track,

Cause right now, yeah right now we're,

Chorus x2 --

Hitting up Brazil (What),

We do it our way,

Representing the world (Uh),

We're talking replay,

Im not gonna sing it till I see you got ya hands up,

Sing it (Up),Sing it (Up),

Verse 2 --


This the - World Cup, yeah, emotions are flying,

Got the fireworks going off, Balotelii supplying,

Eyeing him us is Neymar, setting up the Claymores bombs,

Each nation's about to get it on,

It's do or die, a warfield, no time for failure, no time to freeze,

On the other hand, you got every team thinking they can win at penaltieeezzz..

With a psychologist.. Please


Yeahhhh, I've been waiting 4 years

Long time coming

Now the world cup is here

You've got the players, the fans, did I mention burger flipping vans

32 teams and maybe a bit of romance.


And I'm buzzing for more!

My current generation play better than ever before!

You got Ronaldo, Messi,

that nutty geeza Balotelli

talk about the best

Hands up if you agree!

Chorus x2


Rise up,

Beat the rest,

Win the cup yeah like I'm George Best,

This here,

Is our time,

Climbing to the top at our prime!

Believe me as we here shine,

Skills so sick and sublime.

got the people cheering; screaming

as we do the dealing

raise the roof

destroy the ceiling

even BEP be feeling,

In the country of Brazil

Where I like to chill

Worked hard to get up hill

Now I'm worth a mill

My team I'm reppin' still

What you scoring?


Shock the world like I'm Lesnar!

Take the lead saying "Yes sir!"

Buzzing like a pinnacle bee;

getting that nectar!

Chorus x2

Joe Weller - World Cup Song - lyrics

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