Here I Am

So you wake up one morning

feeling like your whole life's

passed you by

But it's not over yet

As long as you can breathe

you can learn to fly

jump in the race

Quit listening

to what other people say

And all the haters All

Start to fade

They turn into your fans

When you hit the stage

No Don't just stand there and watch

Let the days just pass you by

You gotta stand at the top

Of the world and yell out

Here I am

Here I am

Here I am

Here I am

Here I am

I'd rather be free for a day

Than live a whole lifetime in fear

I Go hard for my dreams

So baby when I'm gone

Don't shed a tear

I'm gonna keep running the race

I don't give a damn

what they have to say

I love the way the haters all start to fade

They're number 1 fans

when I hit the stage yea

Life is too short

don't waste it

Spending your time on regrets

Face all your fears and doubts

And watch them all just wash away

Keep watchin keep watchin

You're bout to see something great in the makin

Keep watchin

Ain't no stoppin

Nothinsgonna keep me from my dreams

No I won't stand by and watch as the days keep passin by

I'm gonna stand at the top of the world and yell out

here I am

Jessi Malay - Here I Am - lyrics

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