[Verse 1]

You told me I don't love you, don't say that

Put no one above you, you know that

I know that I fucked up, one time

Don't right me off for life, it ain't right

How many sorrys will it take?

How much of me talking and setting straight?

Don't even remember the girls name

You're my forever and that won't change


You said you only ever wanted honesty

I'm standing here tryin' to give you all of me

Don't tell me that you're love is running cold for me

When we both know that's not true


I dropped a tear in the ocean

When they find it, that's when I'll stop loving you

Now I'm lost in a sea of emotion

Forever blinded, falling deeper into the blue

Oooh, you'll never find my tears in the ocean

Oooh, they'll never find my tears

[Verse 2]

Who knows where to touch you like me?

Who's gonna love you like me?

Who's gonna run to you when you're lonely?

Oh you know it's me, girl you know it's me

[Pre-Chorus] + [Chorus]

[Verse 3]

Just say something, say anything now

Look at me, don't hold your head down

Weren't we some shit, we can turn it all round

It'll take some work

It might sound like I'm making some excuses

When I say baby I'm just a man

She was just a flash in the pants

Something that I didn't plan

But it's all I gotta give

And for you I shed a tear

Jay Sean - Tears in the Ocean - lyrics

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