One Last Chance

In my life I don't mean much to anyone .......

I've lost my way can't go back anymore ……

Once I had everything now it's gone …..

Don't tell me again coz I've heard it all before …

Some people say that i'm not worth it …

I've made mistakes but nobody's perfect ….

Guess I'll give it a try …

I've got one last chance to get myself together ….

I can't lose no more time it's now or never

and I'll try to remember who i used to be ….

I've got one last chance to get myself together ….

The time has come for me to change again ….

I can't carry on like this, I will lose my friends –

don't say that you have given up on me.

Just give me the time and space to heal my head …..

I don't wanna be misunderstood ….

I've got to take this chance and make it into something good…..

James Morrison - One Last Chance - lyrics

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