Beat 'em like they stole something

Beat 'em like they stole something

All this booty here got them dreaming

Let me hold something

Lemme lemme hear that boy

Lemme lemme wear that boy

Let me get the most expensive car

And let me steer that boy

Real big pretty titty

Shut down any city

If you want the kit kitty

Gotta get the key for me

All new everything

Plus pay the rent fo' me

If we in the wilderness

Bitches pitch a tent for me

Tent for me, tent for me, get my body

Long hair no make up doing pilates

Those niggas don't stand on my damn zanotti's

All them bitches is my sons but who's the daddy?

I-I graduate with honors

I ball Nate O' Conner

I did a freestyle then I got a shoutout from Obama

Yes, Yes I am ill

I go in for the kill

Hoes is my sons birth control I am on the pill

What I gotta do what I gotta do to 'em

Step up in the club everybody like who 'dem

Girls, girls, me and my girls

Watcha done did I need some referrals

Motherfuckers know I'm the shit legit

And if a motherfucker don't he can suck my dick

I tell 'em everybody else is my opposite

I put 'em on the gang gimme 5 percent

im legit- NICKI MINAJ FT. CIARA - lyrics

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