[Ice Cube]

Ice Cube motherfucker

West coast motherfucker

George Bush, George Clinton, Bill Clinton

Chris Farley, Chris Rock, Bob Marley

Rick James, knew how to throw a party

"Smoke some weed!"

Snoop Dogg, all the way to Cheech & Chong

Cypress Hill, Robert Downey hit the bong

Ricky Williams, fuck how Miami feeling

"Smoke some weed!"

[Chorus: Ice Cube]

This is West coast nigga thinking

California quicksand got a nigga sinking

I can give a fuck what you niggaz drinking

"Smoke some weed!"

This is West coast nigga thinking

California quicksand got a nigga sinking

I can give a fuck what you bitches drinking

"Smoke some weed!"

[Ice Cube]

If you a baller, nigga I'm a hall of famer

Lion tamer, with two fo'-fifth flamers

Understand, that yo' life's in danger

Didn't your momma, tell you not to talk to strangers

Lil' nigga, I'm the Hillside Strangler

Have a banger, calling for the Lone Ranger

Most rappers, they wanna fuck sangers

I'm a nigga, that wanna bone T'Penga

G4, pull it up out the hanger

A lil' something, to fuel you niggaz anger

The swine, I'm your face rearranger

In a mansion cause Jesus born in a manger

Motherfucker, belong on Jerry Spranger

I'm a gangsta, up in your CD changer

I'll gank ya, for 20 bucks then I'll thank ya

Police, still get the middle fanger


[Ice Cube]

Lil' niggaz, don't try this at home

Momma in the bathroom leave her ass alone

Cause she probably taking chronic straight to the dome

Go play you lil' fucker, stop being grown

Dave Chappelle, 50 million and a throne

With a big Zulu bitch, nigga getting blown

Watch your tone, if your wear Coppertone

Go back to Africa used to be a theme song

I'm in the zone, do anybody got a zone

I ain't your poppa, but daddy is a rolling stone

Youse a clone, who don't know the shit you on

Unless it's on, a motherfucking ringtone

I'm in a room with two bottles of Patron

You need a loan, to fuck with the Family Stone

Nigga go on, tell 'em Ice Cube is home

Gorilla niggaz, here come King Kong


[Ice Cube]

Ice Cube motherfucker

West coast motherfucker

"Smoke some weed!"

Ice Cube - Smoke Some Weed - lyrics

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