I think they spotted me


They call me Sasquatch, please check the watch

This is Bigfoot, don't get it shook

Out in Japan they call me Godzilla

Up in Africa, King Kong gorilla

[Verse 1]

Michael Joe Jackson used to call me Thriller

All my enemies swear I'm Attila

Vietnam vet, burn down your villa

Captain Crunch scream, serial killer

Out in O-Town I'm a fucking pirate

Think I'm Rodney King? We can start a riot

You a fat bitch, I'm a fucking diet

You in solitary, I'm piece and quiet

This a nightmare on Elm Street

You're just a runaway, where the pimps be

You'se a thirsty man, I'm so empty

At your funeral, no sympathy


[Verse 2]

They call me Sasquatch, please check the watch

Please check the time, I'm like turpentine

And it's burping time, you exhausted I know

Cause I'm overtime and I'm over the line

Come over to mine, I already left

You wanting a rhyme, bitch? I'm So So Def

You ready to shine, I'm already blind, you already lyin'

A nigga ain't buyin' what you selling, always open; 7/11

When I blow niggas know here come tsunami

You got a bucket list, my list is Bugatti

You that drowning kid at the pool party

I'm the carnivore over your body



Don't make me, don't make me put this foot up your ass

(Don't do it)

Don't make me, don't make me put this foot up your ass


Don't make me, don't make me put this foot up your ass

What you do? Bring it down and bring me my cash

[Verse 3]

You'se a fucking prick, but I'm Moby Dick

I'm Darth Vader, you Obi Wan Kenobi, bitch

He's Jim Kelly, y'all, I'm Terry Bradshaw

He is baby ass, I'm like diaper rash

I'm like stinking trash, I'm like party crash

Like getting caught with hash

I'm like your stolen cash

I like you feeling bad, they call me Schleprock

I like the whole country looking at the debt clock

Pyroclastic flow, this is Pompeii

Whoever in the way, turn you into clay

Call me out my name and that's a hurricane

I'll send the wind and the water and the pouring rain

I am boring, mane, I am snoring, mane

I'm the pain that's wearing off the Novacane

I'm the weight you gained, I make your titties hang

I'm the crowded train that just hit the mane


Ice Cube - Sasquatch - lyrics

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