My head was warm,

My skin was soaked.

I called your name 'til the fever broke.

When I awoke

The moon still hung.

The night so black that the darkness hums.

I raised myself.

My legs were weak.

I prayed my mind be good to me.

An awful noise

Filled the air.

I heard a scream

In the woods somewhere.

A woman's voice!

I quickly ran

Into the trees with empty hands.

A fox it was,

He shook afraid.

I spoke no words,

No sound he made.

His bone exposed,

His hind was lame.

I raised a stone to end his pain.

What caused the wound?

How large the teeth?

I sure knew eyes were watching me.

The creature lunged.

I turned and ran

To save a life I didn't have.

Dear in the chase

There as I flew

Forgot all prayers of joining you.

I clutched my life

And wished it kept.

My dearest love

I'm not done yet.

How many years

I know I'll bear

I found something in the woods somewhere.

Hozier - In The Woods Somewhere - lyrics

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