So we laid down on the floor next to our brand new bed

Just so we could listen closer to this new Kanye West

But I can barely hear over the music in my head

All these 808s and heartbeats bangin' in your chest

Told the driver "keep it goin'," he can run the meter

So we could finally hear Views on some decent speakers

Yellin' everytime the beat drop like a cheerleader

Spillin' a flask of Avion on your brand new sneakers

Now we at the Vogue party and the whole thing's catered

So we said that we'd leave early, get some pizza later

But my hands go down your jeans and you distract the waiter

Until we take it somewhere better like the elevator

'Til we back out on the 405 with Baby Bash

You're making me laugh, now I'm just trying not to crash

And all we do is drive, sugar how’d you get so fly?

And I see people staring at us from the overpass

But these days I've dropped the keys to Anthony's Mercedes

We're standin' naked in the kitchen listenin' to Amy

And in those weeks you fuckin' lost it cause you just wrote "Crazy"

It seems like you never listen and I hate you lately...

Halsey - Tokyo Narita (freestyle) - lyrics

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