In your eyes, I'm alive
Inside you're beautiful
Something so unusual in your eyes
I know I'm home (yeah)
Every tear, every fear
Gone with the thought of you
Changing what I thought I knew
I'll be yours for a thousand lives

[Pre-Chorus: Rita Ora]
I'm free as a bird when I'm flying in your cage
I'm diving in deep and I'm riding with no brakes
And I'm bleeding in love, you're swimming in my veins
You've got me now

Been waiting for a lifetime for ya
Been breaking for a lifetime for ya
Wasn't lookin' for love till I found you (oh na-na, yea)
For love, 'til I found you (oh)

Skin to skin
Breathe me in
Feel with your kiss on me
Lips are made of ecstasy
I'll be yours for a thousand lives (for a thousand lives)

Wasn't lookin' for love 'til I found you (Ooh na-na, yea)
For love 'til I found you (oh)


For You - Liam Payne and Rita Ora - lyrics

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