Every time I see your grinning face

I realize you're a pitiful disgrace

So many fingers pointing down at you

Talking behind your back and you don't have a clue

Parading around like you think you're god

You're just a cheap imitation, a complete and total fraud

I'm sick of hearing all your bragging and your lies

A real born loser and that's no surprise

You said your father died in Vietnam

But you're a bastard son with a whore for a mom

Mirror magnet, smelling like a rose

You plastic motherfucker, all you do is pose

Conceited, self-righteous, and arrogant

Your head is so hollow there's enough room to rent

Little big man, so full of shit

Just shut up, you damn hypocrite

Verbal razors - cut you down to size

I'm sick of wading through your bullshit

I see through your disguise

Verbal razors - slice you to the bone

You've been abandoned

And now you're all alone

You lost your job because you're incompetent

Everybody hates you, your friends all came and went

The facade is getting old, we're hip to your charade

You mother has disowned you, your wife's out getting laid

Evicted from your condo, now you're living in a shack

Sitting on your ass shooting up and smoking crack

Now look in the mirror, and tell me what you see

A strung-out junkie with a college degree!

Nobody cares if you're alive or dead

We've had enough of being used and misled

You've pissed on everyone you've ever met

Now you're digging through the trash looking for a cigarette

No one's there to lend you a hand

You better help yourself, 'cause I hope you understand

Self-centered, back-stabbing egotist

Don't fuckin' ask for favors, 'cause you're on my blacklist

Exodus - Verbal Razors - lyrics
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