On this night the ritual begins

Unholy terror deadly sin

The witching hour is growing near

The stroke of midnight the strike of fear

With sacred knife held tight in your hand

The maiden lies beneath where you stand

Mystic chants command you this night

She's a victim of sacrifice

Witches burn in hell

Dead men don't live to tell

Of torture and evil rights

They're victims of sacrifice

We are the victims burned at the stake

All of the innocent died in your place

Black magic rules the deep within your heart

I'll take your soul and I'll tear it apart

Crosses mark the space

Where terror took its place

Witches rule the night

When evil takes its bite

You're the sinner you're the fool

You have the power to break the rules

Your day is coming you wait and see

You'll burn in fire like the others and me

Walk into the circle candles at your feet

Resurrected now submission is weak

I'll raise the dead who's blood you'll drink

You know it's too late now later than you think

The nearer you get to hell

Witches cast their spells

The chosen pay the price

Like victims of sacrifice

Exciter - Victims of Sacrifice - lyrics

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