Time’s never late it is your currency
Oh, you can spend it how you like
Two empty souls won’t fill the vacancy
I know that’s heavy on your mind

Cigarette smoke won’t make you feel at home
Yesterdays are made for letting go
Silver will never feel like gold
And chasing shadows will leave you in the cold

Oh, you should dance some more
Don’t need nobody to take you home
Grab a drink or four
Don’t need nobody to take you home

Oh, there’s a world outside for you to see
It’s all beyond the borderline
Two empty souls won’t fill the vacancy
You’ll never know until you try

Shooting stars were made for you to see
Even clouds could use some company
Swimming in your sky of make believe
It’s okay, if you’re lonely
Shit I get lonely too

Diddy Bop – Jacob Banks and Louis The Child – lyrics

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