I'm walking but Sophie tonight,

She lives in the air that I breath ;

I can't get it out of my mind

How you were left to bleed...

Was it how you dress ?

Or how you act ?

I can't believe

How they could act so violently,

Without regret,

We will not forget...


We are the others,

We are the cast outs,

We're the outsiders

But you can't hide us,

We are the others,

We are the cast outs

You're no longer on your own

If you feel mistreated,

Torn and cheated,

You're not alone,

We are the others

(we are the others)

As simple as air in your lungs,

As simple as words on your lips,

And no one should take that away,

No one should have killed this

Now with our heads up high,

We'll carry on,

And carry out,

And we won't let them get us down,

Wear us out,

'Cause we are not alone...



Normal is not the norm,

It's just the uniform...

(We are the others)

Forget about the norms,

(We're the outsiders)

Take off your uniform,

(We are the others)

We are beautiful,

(We are the others)


We are the others,

We are the others

Delain - We Are The Others - lyrics
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