Deep Purple - Clearly quite absurd

After all we said today

The strangest thought occurred

I feel I ought to tell you

But it's clearly quite absurd

Wouldn't it be wonderful

If you could read my mind

Imagine all the stuff

That we could leave behind

How many words you waste

Before you're understood

Or simply sow some seeds

You'd do it if you could

Let me take a moment

Of your time

Inside you mind

I know what you're thinking

But I don't know what to say

The turmoil and the conflict

You don't have to feel that way

Look into my eyes

And feel my hand upon your heart

Holding us together

Not tearing us apart

How many words we waste

To justify a crime

Compare it to an act of love

That really takes no time

Why not take a moment

Of your time

Inside your mind

Deep Purple - Clearly quite absurd - lyrics

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