Why O why are you leaving?

When I desperately need you

O why are you leaving?

I guess I will not know

O why are you leaving?

When I desperately need you

O why are you leaving

I guess I will not know

Oooo Oooo yea

I guess I will not know

Oo ooo Ooooo

I guess I will not know

Heavy-hitter to the heart what I step to

never spent a minute apart when I met you

the only one that got you the only one to get you

not I’m ripped apart and you’re the one I want to vent to

never should have let you

never should have met up

watch me turn my back first

so you can see me well up

all because you’re fed up

tryna hold my head high

decapitated I hate it I hate you.

You were like my calculator

I could always count on you

now you’re like I’ll see you later

and I don’t know what to do

counting all the times but none of this adds up

to the moon and back is taking off NASA

no solution keep it moving I dunno what the do

one plus one equals two too late too soon

no reason new truth,

you just decide it’d be cool to rip my heart out like its a loose tooth- bite me.

look, these days are like a speaker box got us so out of phase

we always said we’d keep it primo nothing could fade

I’m here the stay say my peace a million miles away

I never meant to ruff her feathers in the bed that we made

I admit sometimes I’m off into space

I try and fix all the things I cant change

but if I’m gone I’m never too far to say our love stays everlasting like bass.

Colette Carr feat.Kev Nish - Why are you leaving? - lyrics

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