The World Ends Here

The World ends Here

How many times

Have we been washed out to sea

Drowning and grasping for a breath of fresh air

It's hard to recognize the shores from the water



I need help

I don't feel real, today there's something going on upstairs

And it's not so easy when you're one and two with reality

And I'm trying to find a way back in

This eats at me from the inside

This drives me to the point of peeling me fucking skin off

My chest beats out of place

And I don't whether today will be the end or a new beginning



Before I open the gates

I will warn you

To find some shelter

To find some solace

As we march into hell

As we march into hell


And I'm one two

With reality

And I'm freaking out

Someone please grab me I'm reaching out

Before I open the flood gates

I will warn you

Find some solace

Oi, we done? NOPE


Capture The Crown - Ladies & Gentlemen - lyrics

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