Take me tight in your arms

Take me in your heart tonight

If you really want me

Got to learn to love me right

It's tearin' me apart

Babe, believe me in your heart

'cause all I ever want is only you

Jump in my car

Don't be afraid

Only your heroes can never wait

You are my number one

Till the morning chance to dawn

Jump in my car, I want some fun

Baby, when the workin' day is done

You are my everything, you give me more

You fill my dreams

You are dancin' in my mind

Take me to the end of time

'cause tonight is the night

Darlin', oh you hold me tight

Oh baby, you've got style

When you give that special smile

You've got something

That I really love

Jump in my car, I just can't wait

Jump in my car, do not be late

Jump in my car, give me your heart

It doesn't matter when we'll start

C.C. Catch - Jump In My Car - lyrics

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