In my darkest hour

A place where there's no light

I'm trapped here in this nightmare

And there's no end in sight

My body lies here frozen

No voice to scream or shout

Escape, it feels untouchable

I know I must get out

Wake my...

Wake myself from all this anger

Claw my...

Claw myself from six feet under

No, no more

Am I stuck here like a prisoner of war

I will breathe once more

I will breathe once more

This feeling's overwhelming

It just won't go away

I'm captive in this nightmare

And this is where I'll stay

My anxiety is rising

It just won't go away

All this tension keeps building

Please, just leave me to die

Make, make, make it go away

All I wanna do is live another day

Make, make, make it go away

All I wanna do is live another day

Live another day

Bullet For My Valentine - P.o.w. - lyrics

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