Madames et Monsieurs

S'il vous plaît

Soyez prêt pour AronChupa et Albatraoz

C'est parti

Let me tell you all a story

About a mouse named Dilory, yeah

Dilory was a mouse in a big brown house

She called herself the ho

With the money, money blow

But fuck that little mouse 'cause I'm an Albatrouz

I'm an Albatrouz


I'm an Albatrouz

Dilory said she was a mouse

Smoked the cheese and light it out

Money-ly money, money ho

Ka-ching ka-ching ka-ching ka-blow

Dilory was a witch, yeah a sneaky little bitch

So fuck that little mouse 'cause I'm an Albatrouz

I'm, I'm

I'm an Albatrouz


I'm, I'm

Yeah, bum-bum, ba-dum, bumpy dumpy dum ba-doopy-doopy-dum

Ooh I see ya, ooh I see ya, ooh I see ya

I'm an Albatraoz


I'm an Albatraoz

So what?

I'm an Albatraoz


AronChupa - I'm an Albatraoz - lyrics

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