Ik dooje se huye judaa Jab ik dooje ke liye bane.

Ik dooje ik ik ik dooje ik ik ik dooje se huye judaa

We were made for each other.

They should know that love has no colour.

Why does our race even matter ?

Why can't we just be together ?

There's so many people in our way.

I know our life won't be easy.

But i'll fight cos..I'm here to stay !

I won't stop cos..I'm not afraid !

Teri meri,meri teri..

Prem kahani hai mushkil

Do lafzoon mein yah

Bayaan na ho paye

Ik ladka aur ik ladki ki

Baby our love is dying

But you know that i'm truing to make the world understand it.

It kills me when i see you crying.

They don't want us to be happy..They don't care.

They all told me i'd be sorry.

I'm not scared..i just want to be whit you.

I can't walk this earth with out you.

Teri meri,meri teri

Prem kahani hai mushkil..Do lafzoon

mein yeh Bayaan na ho paye.

They should have just left us alone.

It's too late and now you're gone.

Now my world is getting cold.

They should have listened to me.

It's too late,it's too you're gone.

You were meant to be my destiny.

I can't sleep with uot you next to

It's too you're gone.

I can still hear you singing.

I never wanted to let you go

You left a hole inside my heart and soul

Now my story's been told.

I had to let you go,baby !

Arjun feat. Priti Menon - Teri Meri Remix - lyrics

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