[Lil Wayne]

I got ice in my veins

blood in my eye

hate in my heart

love in my mind

I seen nights full of pain

days of the same

you keep the sunshine

save me the rain

I search but never find

hurt but never cry

i work and forever try

but im cursed so never mine

and its worse but better times

seems further and beyond

the top gets higher the more that I climb

the spot gets smaller and I get bigger

tryna get me where I fit in

no room for a n-gga but soon for a n-gga it be on mutherf-cker cause

all this bullsh-t have made me strong, mutherf-cker


So I pick the world up and im a drop it on your f-ckin head

yeah, bitch ima pick the World up and I’ma drop it on your f-ckin head

yeah, and I can die no rebirth now mutherf-cker

hop up in my spaceship and leave earth motherfucker

I’m gone, mutherf-cker, I’m gone

[Lil Wayne]

I know what they dont wanna tell you

just hope your heaven sent and ya hell proof

i’ll wake up in the World and cut the lights off

and confidence is a stain they cant wipe off

uh, my word is my pride

but wisdom is bleak and thats a word from the wise

served to survive, murder and bribe

and when it got too heavy i put my burden aside..



it hurts but I never show

its pain youll never know

if only you can see just how lonely and how cold

and frostbit i’ve become

my back’s against the wall

when push come to shove

i just stand up and scream f-ck em all

man it feels like these walls are closing in, this roof is caving in,

oop its time to raise it then

your days are numbered like pages in my book of rhymes got em cookem boy

this crooked mind of mine got em all shook and scared to look in my eyes,

I stole that f-ckin clock, i took the time and i came up from behind

and pretty much snuck up and butt f-cked this game up

better be careful when you bring my name up f-ck this fame

that aint what i came to claim, but the game aint gonna be the same

on the day that i leave it

I swear one way or another i’ma make these f-ckin haters believe it,

I swear to God wont spear the rod, i’m a man of my word

so your f-ckin heads better nod

im gonna f-ck around in this bitch and roast everybody

sleep on me that pillow is where your head will lie, permanently bitch it’s beddy-bye,

this world is my easter egg, yeah, prepare to die’

my head is swoll

my confidence is up

this stage is my pedastal

im unstoppable the incredible hulk

your trapped in my medicine ball

I can run circles around you so fast your f-ckin head will spin dog,

I’ll split your cabbage and your lettuce and olives, I’ll f-ckin.

Alvin and the Chipmunks - Drop the World - lyrics

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