Habibi, I love you

[Pitbull - Intro]

RedOne, Mr.Worldwide

Ahmed Chawki


Habibi, I love you

I need you, Habibi

Ghannili w Khallini Ma'ak

Habibi, I love you

I need you, Habibi

Duwwebni f Nar Hwak

[Ahmed Chawki]

Awwel marra shuftek etghayyar hali

Ihssass ghrib ma'araft mali

Bghitek habbitek etkuni dyali

N'ish...hyati ma'ak

Hluwwa bezzaf yehssan e'wani

Mlekti roohi slebti kayani

Kelmet Habibi Khalliti Lssani

Yghanni b kul lughat..



Ya habibi la la

Haram A'lik tkhallini wahdi f yoom

yemchi men e'ini noom men khufi a'lik


[Pitbull Rap]

I play this game closely

For the bread and butter, huh!

Yeah, they try to toast me

I'm married to the game

But the game don't love me

Hey, don't leave me in a heartbeat

That's why I'm cold-blooded

When I say I love you, I mean it deeply

I can't see life without you living with me

And if you love someone I know you feel me

When I say before they take you they want to kill me

I'm talking they gonna have to Army, Marine, Navy Seal me

Yeah, the world knows Pitbull, babe, you know the real me

I play any hand that they deal me

So tell that dealer he gon' have that deal with me

even when you don't I'mma hunt you like a Chris Webber

time out, final four!

So 'til the sky comes crushing down

World falls apart

'til death do us part

You're my heart for sure!


[Ahmed Chawki]

Makayen lash nghayyar men hali

Wala nhawel nkun metali

Baraka ghir jnuni w hbali a'lik

Khalliwni hdak

Haja wahda ghankulhalek

Men had lahda wejdi halek

Kul sa'ada nwerrihalek

W'entir ana w yak


Ohhh! Ya habibi la la

Haram A'lik tkhallini wahdi f yoom

yemchi men e'ini noom men khufi a'lik


Ahmed Chawki feat. Pitbull - Habibi I Love You - lyrics

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