Hello, It's Dimitri

I was wondering if after all these years I learned this game.

To go over, to spectate

They say this game suppose to heal you but I ain't done much healing.

Hello, It's Ruski

I'm on every server trying to destroy for everyone

cyka blyat, idi nahui,

prostitutka, babushka, blyat, kurwa, mamku jebala, blyat

Jag svääär, jag kan inte spela,

för jag ääär Ruski.

Hello from the Ruski side,

I must have killed a thousand times

to tell you I teamkill everytime that I play

when I join servers, I ask Ruski jest

Everytime I teamkill,

they tell me I suck on this game,

but I'm Ruski, my friend,

I can't understand,

You will never see me

be good on this game

Adele - Hello [ Cyka blyat parody ] - lyrics

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