I gotta let it out, Baby here's my confession

My Hands are shakin' and it's close to obsession

Poundin' in my chest been goin' 24/7

You'd think the pain by now would make me learn my lesson

[Bridge 1]

But there's no way to win when I push you away

Wanna do anything if you ask me to stay


I'm so addicted, You're everything I want

No complication, You know you had me from the jump

I'm so addicted, Do what you wanna do

I'm committed, Addicted to you

It's cruel to call it love when it's lust and desire

Feel like I can fly, then you cut down the wire

Even though I know I'm sinkin' lower by the hour

Can't change the fact that I'm a slave to your power

[Bridge 2]


You've given enough just to let me breathe

You keep me alive just to watch me bleed

I crawl down on my knees for you

You've made damn sure that I won't forget

You're loves a drug I could never quit

All the things that you do, you do, you do

[Bridge 1]


I'm so addicted (I'm so addicted),you're everything I Need

My Medication, You're the lie that I believe

I'm so addicted, There's nothin' I can do (wanna do)

I'm committed, Addicted to you

Addicted, Committed, Addicted to you

Addicted, Committed, Addicted to you

Addicted, Committed, Addicted to you

Addicted, Committed, Addicted to you

Ace Young - Addicted - lyrics

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