Don't worry 'bout how I get my money, bitch, just know I get my money

Don't worry 'bout I spend my money, boy, I got a lot

Don't worry 'bout that car I drive, don't worry 'bout that bike I ride

Don't worry 'bout them diamonds in that bezel on my watch

Don't worry 'bout it, don't worry 'bout it

Don't worry 'bout a mothafuckin' thing

Don't worry 'bout it, don't worry 'bout it

We got a strap up in here if niggas playing

When time pass and I'm not around, niggas saying I'm out of town

Probably moving them bricks around, they swear they know how I get down

Don't worry 'bout what I'm doing, don't worry 'bout what I'm doing

My closet full of that fly shit, black card when I buy shit

Sell the shit you get high with, these niggas on my dick

Don't worry 'bout what I'm doing, don't worry 'bout what I'm doing

That's your bitch, I understand, I've seen it all on Instagram

I'm just from the past, I done been all in that ass

Don't worry 'bout what I'm doing, don't worry 'bout what I'm doing

Don't worry 'bout what they talking 'bout

Don't tell me what that bitch done said

I'm done with her, you can go with her

I'm leaving here with another bitch

Don't worry 'bout how they look at me

My diamonds on, damn, look at me

These pussy nigga be shooked at me

Wanna judge and throw the book at me

Don't worry 'bout it, I ain't worried 'bout it

Had time to talk to my legal team

Don't worry 'bout it, I ain't worried 'bout it

Ain't shit they could do to me

Still rocking, still rolling

We holding, bill folding, you know it

When I start to ball out money start to fall out

Throw it up, it fall out the sky

Baddest bitches go all out, whole bar get bought out

That's what I call my lifestyle

50 Cent - Don't Worry 'Bout It - lyrics

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