The teen star Justin Bieber (24) and the model Hailey Baldwin (21) confirmed their marriage in the most muted and cute way.
On Friday, 16th November Hailey Baldwin changed her Instagram name to “Hailey Rhode Bieber”. Justin, from his side, posted a picture with her on the same day, saying “My wife is awesome” which is a solid proof that they legally tied the knot.


smiling couple


We guess she’s happy to be called his wife as she was recently spotted wearing the name “Bieber” on the back of her denim jacket in New York City.

The singer of  “Love yourself” and Stephen Baldwin’s daughter used to be in the “just friends” stage for a long time, however, they started officially dating in January 2016. In July 2018, the couple got engaged in the Bahamas.

Wishing them a long and happy marriage! 🙂


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Justin Bieber Is Now a Grown-Up Married Man
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