Let us present you one of those purveyors of unique, deep, irresistible, hypnotic dance grooves and a feel-good atmosphere. Born and raised in Bulgaria, DJ Mr. Marino is just 30 and already has the full potential and eagerness to overrule the British DJing scene. And we couldn’t be more proud of him! 🙂

He kindly accepted the Listn.to’s invitation to be our guest!
Why don’t you have a look at what Mr.Marino shared with us? You won’t get bored, believe us! 🙂

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Photo Credit: Yuli Naumov

When did you actually start DJing?

M: Well, that started 5 years ago back in Bulgaria. Just 6 months before I decide to move to London. But back then I had no proper DJ equipment so the first couple of years everything was happening mainly at home, on my laptop which is not much fun, believe me :). Still, this helped me to keep the passion in me for music and DJing.

Right now, I have my own studio in East London and I don’t need to DJ in my bedroom anymore 😀

Who were your early influences?

M: I can still clearly remember the first time I heard “Stardust – Music Sounds Better With You”. I was probably 14-15 years old. I was sucked in by it and at that moment I knew that electronic music is my thing and I started raving when I was 17 years old.

Since then I have been exploring different types of electronic music all over Europe. Some of the DJs I have seen in my early years of raving were HOT SINCE 82, Dubfire, Sven Vath and many more.

What’s the first step when preparing for a set?

M: Well the first thing is always the music itself. I’d prepare a folder with the tracks that I think will be suitable for the slot I’m playing and after that, I would decide if I wanna play it on the fly or prepare a section of my mix beforehand.

But, honestly speaking, all this depend on where I’m DJing, who is before and after me and most importantly how I feel about it, because at the end of the day if I’m not happy with what I’m doing there the things won’t work!

What’s the most unforgettable party you’ve ever been to?

M: The most unforgettable party I have to…hmmm…his happened in April 2018 at XOYO in London. Ben UFO’s residency. I saw him playing B2B with Objekt and Call Super and at the end of it, I was speechless.

Why? Because after this party, my taste for music changed drastically! In a very positive way of course but what I saw there just changed the way I think for so many things and mostly for the urge to look for something a bit different, a bit out of the ordinary. They showed me a glimpse of the future and I will work my ass off to be part of this future in one way or another!

Right now, you do what you do far from Bulgaria, in London. What are the main perks of living in such a colossal city in terms of being a DJ?

M: London is not the easiest city to live in but once you get used to the dynamic way of life you start to enjoy it and you find yourself in the middle of one of the most amazing underground music scenes in the world.

I feel blessed to be able to go out every weekend and enjoy a different party with a different artist in the craziest venues I have ever seen. Also if you wanna be an artist London give you a lot of opportunities to expose yourself which, in my opinion, is one of the most important things when you are upcoming DJ/producer.

Besides, I think beyond all the best thing about London is all the amazing open-minded people that you meet on the street, at work, in the clubs…and you create this amazing friendship that helps you to push the boundaries and move forward.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

M: I don’t think that I can give you an exact answer to this question but this is how I see things: I am ready to work hard every single day until I’m doing something for a living that makes me truly, entirely happy. In my case, this thing is music and that alone is giving all the drive I need to keep pushing and giving Love to every person I meet in my journey.

So, to wrap it up, in 10 years I see myself doing the exact same thing but on a different scale! All over the world! (wish me luck!) 🙂

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Photo Credit: Yuli Naumov

Art can be a purpose in its own right, but it can also directly feed back into everyday life, take on a social and political role and lead to more engagement. What message would you like to pass to your audience through your sets?

M: The essence of the message that I wanna pass is freedom and unconditional love! But I also hope that I will be able to connect with like-minded people and hopefully we’ll be able to help with anything we can to change the path that humanity has taken in destroying the planet and (foolishly) killing the wildlife on Earth. We need to wake the fuck up before is too late! And I think the only way is Love!

Thanks so much for being our guest! Keep up the good work…and don’t let your passion get lost!

M: A MASSIVE thanks for inviting me! It was a real pleasure! 🙂


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