Country Music is a timeless, well-known genre in the music industry. From the 1970’s up until the present day, it has been topping the charts with a significantly growing audience. New artists are emerging daily, choosing that genre to start their singing career with, seeing as how country music always proves to give these new artists a prosperous career.

Although other new genres and new musical techniques are always surfacing on our radios and music apps, country music remains very famous among its listeners for its romantic ballads, harmonies, and folk sound. With millions of country music fans all over the world, today, you can easily find the latest country music update on new artists, new albums, and everything about your favorite singers online. Songs are being played on over 2,000 radio stations in the nation, and they’re hitting the 100’s music chart lists, taking up 25 places.

So what is it about that music genre that kept it popular in the modern world? Here are some reasons we came across:

Their songwriting

While other genres are all about the “good life” everyone wishes for like money, shopping or they tell you how to look and act, country music seems so far away from these concepts. Through their music, they talk about making the most out of life and the things that real people deal with, like love, loss, and making a living.

Country music has beautiful and easy words that anyone can relate to. No slang or offensive language is used, which people of all ages can listen to. Even if some artists sing about sex, for instance, it’s presented in a very tasteful way.

Their talent

Country music artists always focus on their singing, music skills and try staying close to the genre norm; however, there is nothing wrong with spicing it up a little bit with rock music. Their listeners can predict the chords, chorus structures and can sing along very comfortably, which makes it fun, popular, and powerful according to their audience.

Live Shows

Country live shows have been known to be the best. Considered as the most powerful, cheerful concerts in the industry, artists are always friendly, and the audience is always singing along. Country artists put so much effort and time in their live concert and many like to take it to the next level, which gets created a sold-out concert in no time. Live shows have definitely lent a helping hand in keeping the genre alive today.

Social Media Presence

Market research has found that country artists are the most loved on social media. Those new artists found that social media was an opportunity to connect directly to their audience. They use social media for everything, including giveaways, acts of kindness, and dealing with their fans who had disappointing concert experiences.

Bottom line, country music is focused on the songwriters who have things to say and fans who are willing to listen. Stereotypes will make you believe that those who listen to country music are living in trailers, but that isn’t true; country fans are rather the most successful music audience. It’s a popular folk and American genre that many can relate to.

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