When it comes to recording music, the soundproof studio room is not a requirement, however, it undoubtedly eases to get the purest and accurate sound from an instrument.

Even the soundproofing is favoured, it is not always achievable, mainly due to the pricey equipment. For instance, the price of soundproofing equipment made with Auralex, a material resembling simple foam, can go up to $500. But don't stress out! There are loads of other affordable ways and materials for soundproofing a room.

Curious? Let's have a look at some of them!

1. Fixing soundproof curtains or blankets on the walls

We decided to start our list of cheap soundproofing solutions with this one because it's easy to make, affordable, and aesthetically pleasing.

All you have to do is to dangle colourful thick blankets or curtains along your walls.

The uglier alternative is a bunch of old mattresses against the walls, however, it will surely look unappealing.

2. Primitive egg carton soundproofing method

In fact, the egg cartons are the low-cost alternative to sound-dampening material Auralex, however, a room covered in pieces of egg cartons won't look nice.

What you can do is to put some of them on large walls to lessen the noise.

inexplicable, acoustics works in inexplicable ways, and you can use egg cartons to decrease echo.

3. Installing soundproof curtains on the windows

The ticker sound-blocking curtains are another reasonable way (cost less than $50 in Amazon) to partly lessen the outdoor noise and absorb some interior sound.

4. Craft DIY soundproofing panel

Have you ever thought about making your own soundproofing panels? All you need is some free time and a bit of creativity.

The soundproof material you will store inside the panels could be mineral wool, foam, wooden fillings, or anything else that is accessible and cheap.

Watch the video tutorial below to learn how to craft a DIY soundproofing panel:

5. Stop the noise sneaking around the door

Do you know that most of the sound doesn’t come through your door, but it sneaks around it? Fix weather-stripping in the door jambs to provide a seal.

The self-adhesive soundproofing tape is a great and affordable option here.

That’s all, folks! Hopefully, these 5 easy tips for cheap soundproofing will help you out.

Once you finish with the process, let us know how did it go in the comment section below! For the record, we are a curious crowd! 🙂

5 Tips for Cheap Soundproofing
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