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In the name of Satan

We'll acheive our goal

With the blessings of Hades

We'll outlive our role

Through the power of Hellfire

We will gather our strength

With the blood of mere mortals

Our thirst will be quenched

In the name of Satan

Great things can be done

Through the lore of the demons

Satan's song can be sung

Gather around my Legions

For in time you'll see

Mortals screaming for mercy

At the king for world war three

Hail Satanas

In nominai Deinochous

Satanas Lucifre excelsis

In the name of Satan

We'll take what we need

Rock and roll damnation

Let your heart bleed

Sensing the distaster

So we'll blame our hate

Hell bore Satan's child

To use you as our bait

Hear infernal legions plead

As Satan sings his songs of war

As I see mortal corpses rise

Up from the depths

I care not for the whore

I shall destroy the priests

Bound in chains and demned in Hell

I shall n'er release their souls

For the internal torment always reigns

Summon legions of the night

For we are now as one...

Venom - In Nomine Satanas – текст

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