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ohh no no no no no no

(hola papito. que va mi contigo?)

quiero una boricua more sexy

(aqui estoy)

mami quiero una mujer caliente

(si, papi)

[Verse 1]

She was a hot girl lookin for a ride to Cali,

And I was with it

Six pack, said she worked out at Ballys,

Oooh I wanna get it (get it)

Givin',she's givin' she's got me thinkin I can Knock it down

But she didn't wanna play lust games

Couldnt get the finer things


Put you in the mansion girl, wasup wasup

We can spend my pesos girl, wasup wasup

Let's take a trip around the world, wasup wasup

Cuz I've been lookin for a girl like you,baby


She move that ass like maracas

The way she's shakin her tatas

Got my thing thing,Rigning ding ding

She got the part, She got the part

We bumped out dirty calipsal

I feel the heat from her lips Oh!

Have a debut lookin for you

She got the part,She got, she got the part

(shake it, shake it

uh uh uh yeah

shake it, shake it

shake it)

[Verse 2]

Bloom boom, her body boom's like a speaker

She likes to pump it

Dancin everybody wants to freak her, they wanna hump it


She make's it feel like it wanna fust

Triple X movie queen, wanna own my private screen


[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3]

Baby girl i wanna be in your world

I want a sexy girl, one thats just like you

So won't you stay awhile?

I like your puerto rican style

Why don't you come with me tonight?

I'll make ya feel alright

[Chorus x2]

She moves that ass like maracas

The way she's shakin her tatas

Got my thing thing,

Rigning ding ding

She got the part,

She got the part

She got the part,

She got, she got the part.

Usher - She's Got The Part – текст

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