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See I got a girl, that I love (Hey)

She's the only one I'm thinking of

And I wish she understood the way that I feel about her (She's mad)

She said she's had enough (Oh)

Now I'm up in the club like

Ooh, up in the V-I, sitting on a chair

Ooh, that's when I saw her sitting over there

She was chilling with her girlfriends (Yeah)

I was chilling with my homies (Yeah)

Then she made her over to my table (Whoa)

And she started dancing all on me

I should've said, "Hold up," (Hold up)

"Don't you know my girl?"

But the alcohol in me, make me wanna cut up

Damn, I'm out on the floor with her

Out the corner of my eyes

See my girl best friend I'm like,

Damn, I know


She seen me [x3]

Ohh, she seen me out with another girl (Girl [x3])

Ohh, heard I was out with another girl (Girl [x3])

Whoa, now, I'm caught up with another girl

(She seen me) I know it look bad, but it ain't

(She seen me) And I wanna take it back but I can't

(She seen me) And now the only thing going through my brain

She saw me out with an other girl

Now I'm thinking, ohhhh, what I'm gonna say to her when I get home (And I've been drinking)

Man, the way that her girlfriend was staring at me, I know she got it wrong

And I know she see me out on the floor (Yeah)

And it was only a dance nothing more (Yeah)

I'm thinking, maybe, I could be wrong

Wondering why she calling me on my phone

I should've said, "Hold up, I got a girl"

But I didn't care

I was just getting some air

Didn't know she would be up in the club, noooo

(I got caught up in this bullshit)


Now that the club is over, I know I should go home

She keep calling me, but I know I don't wanna do wrong

If I go, we gonna be up all night

I rather that, than fuss and fight

We should make it worth the while

Cause I'm in trouble now

So, I might as well stay out with this other girl


Usher - She Seen Me – текст

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