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On the road to the riches,

Try and stop and take pictures

Pay attention to each detour and each sign along the way

Be aware of the winding roads

Know that as long as you take it slow

You'll be fine

Plus you'll find

You're already there

On the road to the riches, don't forget to stop to take pictures

Cause life ain't about where you finish, but what you've learned along the way

So as you chase success remember that I told you best

You look fine, then you'll find

You're already there

(And that's the truth)

Go ahead, be you (go 'head, be you)

If you want to be free (want to be free)

First you must be,

Just be, just be

With the glass half empty at least you know you're not thirsty

Try to see it for what it is

Really half full now take a sip

And as it trickles down let it wash away any doubts

In your mind

You'll find

Don't think real joy is in position or money (Noo)

Don't compare your life to somebody else that you don't know

Just what they're going through unless you walk a mile in their shoes

Don't be blind, the sun shines on everybody

(And that's the truth)

Go 'head be you

(Go 'head be you)

If you want to be free (want to be free)

Then you have to first be (be)

Just be (be)

I know that sometimes life can throw a curve

But you gotta keep on swinging hard

It's the only way to knock one out the park

And if it doesn't make it over the wall

The only way you strike-out is if you don't swing at all

(Mmm... And that's the truth)

Go ahead be you

(Go 'head be you)

If you want to be free (want to be free)

Be (Be)

Just be (be)


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