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Tøgn, gomul søgn, forminnis mál

Hevnd og hatur nevnd øvundar bál

Á vígøllum vónin hon doyr

Hátt for heljar grind garmurin goyr

Vindøld, Vargøld er komin

Skeggøld, skølmøld brátt farin er

Ber fram herklæði merkt av mongun strið

Brynju og blankan brand og fram á vøllin ríð

Komi hvat koma má, lat so fara alt

Leingi eg henda dag í huga havi fjalt

Revenge returns to us, this returns to me

We are bound to battle for eternity

The wolf restrained in chains, draping in the deep I see

This war will throw us corpses in a heap

With heavy hearts we head, on towards the end

I've done all I can, never will I bend

Battle clad we ride, over barren land

Nothing matters on the battlefield we stand

And I heard my unborn children's Requiem

I saw carved upon a stone my epitaph

Sometimes it seems to me there is nothing left between

Me and eternity


With heavy hearts we head on towards the end

I've done all I can, never will I bend

Battle clad we ride, for we have to try

Nothing matters on the battlefield we lie

All will rise again for a better day

Earth green with waterfalls where eagles hunt their prey

Gather our kin against reminiscing times

All seemed at peace all thought that evil died but then the

Dragon with fallen in it's

Feathers entered the world again

Týr - Ragnarok – текст

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