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[Chorus - Stefano Moses]

The city’s gone with electricity

No lights so I can hardly see

And all the smiles, screaming rescue me, rescue me

Who to trust, who can you believe?

The devil owns this reality

And all the smiles, screaming rescue me, rescue me

[Verse 1 - Tyga]

hate lies, never truth when it’s televised

Devils on the screen, fire in their eyes

Put your face to a spell make your soul fly

Pray every day some close to God

Looking at the murder rate never ask why

Colt 45, with a 4 5, the innocent die young can’t judge life

Never did so I live fast every night

Wonder why they breathe hate through their wind pipe

Mutherf-ckers wanna take instead of give advice

N-ggas left me now I’m living right

Trying to cheat death with a trick dice

Gambling can’t rely on management

If it’s ’bout business I’ma handle it

I see it all like an analyst,

Views of the water, big bills like a Pelican

I’m into different broads, f-cking in foreign cars

Wizard of OZ, tear coloured Benz, I ain’t got a heart,

No love shoot the cupid with a dart, danger in the park

Motherf-cker don’t walk past dark

What the f-ck is illuminati?

Old n-ggers with money

Bitch get the power light, stand tall tower light

Gotta fight, can’t let ‘em take our life


[Verse 2 - Tyga]

Take a step as the world spin

Rumors come and go faster than a whirlwind

Whirlpool, bitches getting’ sucked in

Booty model shake your ass but you’re broke bitch

Man you n-ggas aint balling in the bull pen

Riding on the black mag I’m a cool kid

Last king living, give me space like a movement

Cream get the money, whip icy like cool whip

Ohhh shit, who shit n-gga art gallery flow painted under globe

Use the colored dope n-gga I’m a lobe

Levitator pro, crisis when he spoke, kicking in your door

Hit the flow like Lee boy? with a globe

Trying to win but the finish lines far, race against the odds

Race don’t matter when you dead or start praying to the gods

Don’t let me die so young


Tyga и Stefano Moses - Storm – текст

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