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[Hook: Tyga]
Pussy, money, - weed got all that
Nigga talk shit - get your head cracked
Riding with the racks, thang on my lap
Steal your bitch, call it hijack
Hijack, hijack
Pussy, money, weed - got all that
Nigga talk shit, get your head cracked
Steal your bitch - call it hijack
Hijack, hijack
Steal your bitch - call it hijack
Hijack, hijack
Pussy, money, weed - got all that

[Verse 1: Tyga]
It's the hooligan, drop top one shot shooter
Money on my mind, bitch, I'm all about the mulah
Motherfucking beast, bitch, call me King Koopa
Got bitches like hooters
We ain't smoking that hookah
Big kush, paparazzi in the bush
Mobb Deep, now they shook, got a castle full of crooks
Hijack like the hook, all the bitches wanna fuck
I'm a good ass nigga, I don't need no luck
Good molly, partying in the after party
Pull up in the Rolls but I'm leaving in a red Rari
All my niggas getting money like shotties
Black mafia shit, young Gotti


[Verse 2: 2 Chainz]
If you believe in having sex say me too (me too)
I'm riding in my roof look see-through
I got fours on the big like pre-school
Marijuana, money and vagina
I got plaques on my walls, you got gingivitis
Still sell a brick like I won't retire
Hijack your bitch, steal your wife
Man my chopper go hyphy, you got your bitch in some Nikes
I got my bitch with some dykes and she saying she like it
We were down in Paris, keeping it Effin
And you'se was at home, keeping it tryphy



Tyga ft. 2 Chainz - Hijack – текст

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