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Back to the beginning it is, yeah

Who wouldn’t wanna start again?

I know whatever it is, that

You’re gonna wanna play pretend

But I don’t know what I did wrong

Girl you knew that I’d be gone

Uh, but that was in the past

So come on baby

‘Cause it’s been too long

Yeah, you thought that when I got home

All these feelings would just come right back

But girl you make it hard

When you come up in the club

And you’re lookin’ like that

Maybe I ran a little too fast

And I didn’t let you know

Maybe I messed everything up

I never shoulda’ let you go

What if you’re the one I’ve wanted all along?


Just find me back at the beginning

Don’t break

Just find me back at the beginning

Before you take the best of me

The best of me

Cold hands heart beat and

You were like the summer warm but fleeting

How you changed to me

How you change me

Now that I see you again, yeah

Girl I’m tryna’ put you on

I see you workin’ it down and

Now she telling’ me that this her song

Baby we should hit the floor

I don’t know what we’re talkin’ for

‘Cause I’m about ready to get it

So where we’re headed girl

I’ma let you give me more

And I want you to show me

What it is I been missing out

On all this time

‘Cause since you walked in the club

I haven’t been able to get you off my mind

Baby give me one more chance

To try and go and make things right

‘Cause damnit you know

I want you bad

So gimme just one more night

Maybe you’re the one I’ve wanted all along


You don’t know

What you’ll get

Love won’t heal

Your regret

Change, the reason I’m lost to me

Whoever you may be

Sittin’ across from me

We owned it

Now drop the apostrophe

So you can take it all back

I would stop the beat, yeah

Go ahead rewind the clocks

You could close the gates

But I’ma pry the locks

But don’t let me break your heart

You could shut down

I’ma hit restart

(Chorus x2)

Timeflies - The Beginning – текст

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