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[Chris Brown:]

The Meanest The Meaner The Second I seen her

got me open Got Me looking Losing all my Control

The Passion I'm feinin

Baby You're The new Meaning

But I Found Myself Tripping When You Walked Through The Door

and I no It's not like me getting beside Myself She's Got Me Filling That Way

And I know It's not Likely That You're Gonna Deny Me And Just Walk Away


I'll Be That Guy That don't Have Time To Play,

something Like a Schedule but it's about the same

The Ballers In The corner are Ready For your Game

It's looking Like your neck Are Ready For My Chain

She'll Be That Girl I'll Be Waiting For

Sending me them Signals That I Can't Ignore

thought I was gonna Get Her On The Dancefloor

Then I Saw Her Head To The Exit Door


Call Her Nice 'cause She's Got It,

Do It Whatever Whenever 'cause She's about It

that deer Nice 'cause I Got It Do It Whatever Whenever 'cause I'm about It

I'm Falling For Her, She's Got Me Trap

That Girl Is Nice 'cause She's Got, She's Got It, She's Got It, Breathe, Breathe


her body is Screaming

I Think That She's Missing

Ain't saying What You're Saying I'm Loosing My Cool

You Picture A Soldier now I Got Me A Rider

And You Ain't Got To Stress you 'cause It's Nothing To Prove

I Know It Ain't Easy Being A Sexy Girl that's Always Getting In Her Way

But I'm Gonna Tell you

You Got Me Up On you

And I Won't Slip Away

[Hook 1x]

[Chorus 1x]

[The Game:]

You Niggas Know Now

That It's about Get Down

The Club Is Packed Up

The Word Around Town

This Is The Jump Off

You Know When The Shit Drops

you This Is The Jump Off I Did It For big pac

All My Chris Out The Bitches Are Too Hot

The Taking There Clothes Off

The yelling At Tupac

'cause I'm From The West-Side

And The From The East-Coast

My Niggas From Down-South The Letting There teeth-Show

'cause This Ain't Def Jam And This Ain't Bad Boy

This Ain't Star Trek This Is The Last Court They Turning The Lights On

The Bar Is Shot Down I'm Walking With Scott Storch

And We In The Frunt Now Whatmacher Seen You're Girlfriends

You're Gonna Get Knocked Off We Happen In 6.4

'cause This about The Get Down

(it's going down)

[Chris Brown:]

Call Her Nice 'cause She's Got It,

Do It Whatever Whenever 'cause She's about It

Got That Nice 'cause I Got It

Do It Whatever Whenever 'cause I'm about It

I'm Falling For Her She's Got Me Trap That Girl Is Nice

The Game и Chris Brown - Nice – текст

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