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In the night that we met

You said that you wanted

Something more from me

And it was all that I could do

I remember your face, like a child

The way that you blushed and

The way that you smiled

And that was all that I could do

So I woke up feeling new

You're so much more than I ever knew

So I think of all those times spent alone

It's like you're searching for something

To make you feel whole

Like a half of something else

Just a fraction of yourself

It's so hard, we did what we could

There were no easy answers

To be understood

And it was all that we could do

We're the only ones who knew

All I think about is you

The way that you laugh

The way that you smile

The way that you whispers

Told me all her fronts

The way that you told

Told me I was wrong

Ans the way that you'd sing

When you sing a song

And the way that you answered

You knew I was wrong

Now I tell you I would die

If it's what you'd rather see

And I don't care if its clever

I just want you with me

I'm only half of something else

The Airborne Toxic Event - Half Of Something Else – текст

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