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Hate is a lesson we know

Alone on its own it will die

It eats what it needs to survive...

It wants to survive

Every night you look deep in your soul

Burn the fields

Where the the hatred is grown...


Hate always seething to find

some way to get to your brain

Infesting what's pure in the mind

Hatred divine...

Look around you is anyone pure

Free of hatred

Inside this cold world


Truth from lies

Blind to see

Through sewn shut eyes

Hate breeds hate


Always eager to rise

Above all to gain full control

Infesting what's pure in the mind

Evil entwined...

Even now that the seeds have been sewn

Burn the fields

Where the hatred still grows...

Hate breeds hate

How many have die

before we realize hate undermines


Hate always eager to find

some way to tear out your soul

Surviving the passage of time

Dirty white lies...

Back in time as our history shows

Endless cycles

of hatred still flow

Pre-conceived heartless lies

Blind to see - through sewn shut eyes

Is there still hope for us now?

I said - is there still hope for us now?


TESTAMENT - Sewn Shut Eyes – текст

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